New Judaica Pieces Completed!

View two brand new Blessing for the Home designs - this time with hand written text!
Here are two brand new Blessing for the Home pieces! This was a private commission, with the client purchasing the originals, which meant I would have to do hand-written text - a new challenge for me! Previously I've used Photoshop to add text since I'm not a calligrapher. This was quite daunting for me, and I barely breathed when I was doing the text for these pieces! But I really like the organic flow of the text and am very pleased I stepped up to the task.
Both are watercolours. For the abstract design I used wet-in-wet techniques and sea salt to create the lovely effects. The Lilies design was produced with more conventional watercolour techniques, and lots of reference photos - although I did keep reminding myself I wasn't commissioned to create a botanical illustration so I could take some artistic liberties with the anatomy of the flowers. The client requested a tropical colour scheme for these, which is not my instinctive colour choice, I tend to favour purples and blues, but actually I'm very grateful to him because I really like this colour combination, I find it cheerful without being garish.
If you would like to order prints of these, please contact me. Remember I can put any text inside these border designs, so this could work for the Blessing for the Shabbos Candles, Asher Yatsar, Eishes Chayil or even just the poem you wrote your mum for her birthday!
Lilies Blessing for for the Home
Abstract Blessing for the Home