New Adventures in Painting

Find out about the making of my most recent portraits
Although lockdown was not easy, it gave me the chance to spend some more time painting, and try out some projects I had been thinking about.
I started with an oil portrait of my daughter Miriam, painted outside on a hot day whilst the children played in the sunshine (see main article image below). It's always a delight to get the oil paints out and revel in their viscous buttery loveliness, and this time was no exception. I was a bit frustrated by the way the colours came out in the print of the photo I used, and though I tried not to be too reliant on them, I kept finding myself trying to work them into the painting. Nevertheless, I was pleased with the result, and so was my daughter! I managed to film the initial stages which you can watch using this link.
Experimental Portrait
But after this I wanted to try something a bit more edgy, using the collage and printing techniques I often encourage my pupils to use, and with acrylics. My source photo, a picture of my oldest son, provided me with a subject I felt ready to experiment with, and I really enjoyed using the newspaper and corrugated card printing for the background. It was tricky to get the contours of the face - and eyes - as you can see in the video I made of this process, and once I'd finished I felt quite frustrated that the piece hadn't turned out as I'd hoped. But once I got some distance from the frustrations I experienced, I actually find I'm really pleased with it!
Miriam in Watercolour
Whilst I was doing both these paintings, I often found myself longing for the qualities of watercolour, which I use often for illustration. So I decided to have another go at an image of Miriam using this media. It was a challenge, as are all faces, but I enjoyed applying my experience in watercolour illustration. I filmed the process, and commentated along the way - check out the video.
You can view these paintings properly in the Fine Art gallery.