The Next YouTube Art Star!

Butterfly Mobile video

Do you know about my new YouTube arts and crafts videos?
Sometimes the most difficult challenges are also opportunities. So whilst the country was lying low in lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic, and I had to stop my weekly art lessons, I decided I would try to make some YouTube videos of art and craft activities to help give people ideas for fun and creative projects.
So far I have managed to make two videos. In the first I show you how to make a lovely flower collage, and in the second, which is a more complex project, a butterfly mobile. (You can see from the image above that my daughter Miriam helped me make that one!) If you haven’t already watched them, check them out using the links below, and feel free to share with friends!
Don’t forget to send me images of the pieces you produce, it’s been wonderful to see how people have used my videos to make really lovely works of art! You can email me your images - how exciting!
Collage Flowers
Butterfly Mobile